have u ever had a depersonalization moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and think wow this person is me and i have this body and this life and everything feels so strange why am i me and not someone else

"Did Schweinsteiger get hit again"
Everyone (via gracielouisefreebutch)

"Christ the Redeemer is German" - World Cup commentator. Brilliant.  🇩🇪

Congrats to Germany!


do you ever get so obsessed with a game that you start playing it in your head before you sleep


the problem with me is that i care too much about what others think of me & it literally kills me 


to all my spanish speaking followers:  hola

to all my non-spanish speaking followers who feel left out:  don’t worry, I just said “hello”.  maybe someday you too can grasp another language


this is rape culture, and it has got to stop.  stay strong jada.
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